Info and contact

Outdoor facilities

Recycling point
The recycling point can be found at the Kuutostie end of the shopping centre. At the recycling point, you can recycle paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic (at the "Rinki" ecopoint) and clothing (UFF).

Car Wash

Neste Oil self-service station

Charging electric cars (K-latausasema Charging Station)
The charging station for electric cars can be found in Parking Area D at the Kuutostie end of the shopping centre, near the entrance closest to the end.

The charging station has two fast charging points and four basic charging points.

Further information and instructions

Water points for RVs and pets
Water taps can be found by the main door on the right-hand side and in the shopping centre's service area near Pesukatu.

Pet boxes
There are lockable spaces with water cups at the entrances to Veturi. Bringing pets into the shopping centre's indoor spaces is not permitted.

Library Bus
Oravan Matti, the library bus from the City of Kouvola, stops by Veturi every Thursday from 4:00-4:15pm. The bus stops at the bus parking area at the Kuutostie end of Veturi, in the service area.