Info and contact

Shopping centre services

Customer service desk
Next to the main entrance in the SpiceIce ice cream bar
Customer service contact number: +358 45 311 5001

Wireless Internet connection
Veturi's wireless Internet connection is free of charge and accessible both in corridors and lounges (VeturiOpenWLAN).

Getting around
Four elevators
Six escalators and six moving sideways

There are four sets of restrooms, each of which has an accessible restroom
Two of the sets also have a baby room
K-citymarket and K-Rauta also have customer restrooms

Automatic teller machines
There are two Otto ATMs in the shopping centre and an automated payment machine for Nordea's customers. 

Otto ATMs:
By the entrance of K-citymarket next to the escalator
By the main entrance next to the SpiceIce ice cream bar

Nordea's automated payment machine is in the lounge near the cash registers of K-citymarket.

Postal services
Letter boxes and Itella's SmartPost post parcel service. 

Bottle deposit machines
The bottle deposit machines are next to the Alko shop right next to Veturi's A1 entrance.

Coin lockers
The coin lockers are next to K-citymarket's entrance, right next to the escalator.