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Veturi is the largest shopping centre in the South Eastern Finland. At the time of completion, it was also the sixth largest shopping centre in Finland.

The surface area of the shopping centre is 48,000 m². Veturi is situated at a key junction along highway 6 (VT 6), which is the sixth most utilised trunk road in Finland. This means that the shopping centre is easy to access from any direction. 

The city of Helsinki is only approximately 140 kilometres away, and the distance to Kouvola city centre is only approximately three kilometres. Right from the start, Veturi was designed to be an integral part of Kouvola's city structure. It is situated right at the centre of the newly-extended Kouvola municipality, expanding the selection of shops in Kouvola's traditional Market district. 

Four big box stores attract customers to Veturi: K-citymarket, Anttila, K-Rauta and Budget sport. Additionally, there are over 80 specialty stores and restaurants providing services and amenities to customers. 

Retail space is spread across two levels, with easy-to-access ground level parking both in front and the back of the building. The shopping centre provides over 1,800 car parking spaces, free of charge. 

The shopping centre has a barrier-free layout. Six moving walkways, six escalators and four elevators provide easy and convenient access to the second floor, even for customers with prams, walkers or assistive equipment.  Comfortable lounges and other seating along the shopping centre's corridors allow shoppers to relax for a moment and, for example, to browse the net via a public wireless Internet connection.

Veturi shopping centre has been built on solid sustainable principles. The building utilises both ground heat and shop condensation heat recovery for heating; LEDs are used for illumination; recycling facilities and bins have been efficiently arranged; there is a recharge station for electric cars in the parking lot – these are only a small sample of our work towards a sustainable future.

Click here to see Veturi's ground plan.

Veturi information

Free parking

Family parking spaces
33 accessible parking spaces 
Trailer parking spaces
Ten coach parking spaces
Three electric car spaces (next to the tunnel wash and the drop-off centre; free of charge)

Bicycle parking spaces

For 190 bicycles; 115 sheltered spaces

Taxi stands

Next to the main entrance on the western side of the shopping centre. 
Taxi booking number: +358 5 106 9450

Shopping centre services

Customer service desk

Next to the main entrance in the SpiceIce ice cream bar
Customer service contact number: +358 45 311 5001

Wireless Internet connection

Veturi's wireless Internet connection is free of charge and accessible both in corridors and lounges (VeturiOpenWLAN). 

Getting around

Four elevators
Six escalators and six moving sideways


There are four sets of restrooms, each of which has an accessible restroom
Two of the sets also have a baby room
K-citymarket and K-Rauta also have customer restrooms 

Child care at Pikku Veturi

Family service centre Pikku Veturi is located on the first floor of the shopping centre. Change diapers and take care of your baby comfortably in the privacy of a discrete baby room. Take a pause in Pikku Veturi's lounge and use the opportunity to heat up a jar of baby food for your child.

The 85 square metre playroom provides entertainment for both young and slightly older children. Spring swings, balancing balls, a train-themed slide and a long-necked giraffe hut make sure that toddlers have plenty to do and experience.

Adults and children over three years old may spend a moment playing the interactive Lappset Puzzle, an exercise-oriented playground installation designed for public indoor spaces. It features 9 inspiring games played by jumping from one tile to another. The device is easy to use: the games start when the player steps on one of the squares, and the visual and aural feedback instructs players as they go along.

Automatic teller machines

There are two Otto ATMs in the shopping centre and an automated payment machine for Nordea's customers. 

Otto ATMs:

By the entrance of K-citymarket next to the escalator
By the main entrance next to the SpiceIce ice cream bar

Nordea's automated payment machine is in the lounge near the cash registers of K-citymarket.

Postal services

Letter boxes and Itella's SmartPost post parcel service. 

Bottle deposit machines

The bottle deposit machines are next to the Alko shop right next to Veturi's A1 entrance.

Coin lockers

The coin lockers are next to K-citymarket's entrance, right next to the escalator.

Outdoor facilities

Drop-off centre 

For paper, cardboard, metal and glass

Car wash 

Tunnel wash 

Filling station

Neste Oil self service station

Faucets for caravans and pets

The faucet is on the right side of Veturi's main entrance. There is another faucet in the service area of the shopping centre (near the tunnel wash) 

Dog parking 

Lockable kennels at all entrances. 


Regina and Oravan Matti, Kouvola's very own bookmobiles, drop by at Veturi on Thursdays between 13:30–13:50 and 16:20–16:40. They stop at the coach parking area, i.e. near the drop off centre and the tunnel wash.