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Veturi and the environment

Sustainability and taking care of the environment have been important values for Veturi from the very beginning. In a shopping centre built in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we always honour these values when working to make our operations more efficient.


Energy directly from the ground
At Veturi, 100% of our cooling and 70% of our heating is produced geothermally.

Waste recovery rate 100%

Taking pride in recycling
Veturi has a "Rinki" recycling point and textile collection points in a number of stores. 

Swan-labelled cleaning products (Joutsenmerkki)
At Veturi, we clean using environmentally friendly products. 

One of Finland's largest solar power plants
Solar panels generate between 10% and 15% of the electricity used at Veturi's K-Citymarket

100% water-powered
Veturi's electricity is locally produced hydroelectricity.

Getting around with electricity
Veturi also has free charging points for electric vehicles

Safety certificate
Veturi has been awarded the prestigious Breeam environmental certificate as a recognition of our environmentally friendly operations, both in terms of the features of the property and the way it is serviced.